A showcase of performing arts talent

Raising money for the mental health 

Right here in the nation's capital

November 2016

What is this all about?

Where will the money go in 2016?

Who am I and why did I create Mind the Gap? 

What is Mind the Gap  

Mind the Gap is a showcase of local performing arts talent, with a  focus on youth and mental health. 
It is showing at the STREET THEATRE in Canberra: 18th, 19th, 26th November 2016
In 2016 we are raising money for two wonderful charities 

​1. Menslink 
2. Ted Noff's Foundation 

Click on 'More' to find out why these organisations are so wonderful!
Hey I'm Sophie- I'm passionate about mental health, human rights, performing arts, science and kittens.
Introducting Mind the Gap - The 2015 Premiere
Who Performed?

In 2015 we had an incredible line up of performances. It was an ALL local ALL youth cast, which included: actors, dancers, playwrites, singers, choreographers, musicians. Thanks again to all the amazingly talented performers!

How much money did we raise?

In just two short nights we raised over $1200- a big shout out to everyone who came to watch!

Where did the money go?

In 2015, we split the money evenly between headspace Canberra and Lifeline Canberra. We are so grateful for the work these two organisations do.

Trailer for Mind the Gap 2016 
Watch this space- a trailer is on its way.