Who and Why?
Tim Hunt-  Our Graphic Designer 

Tim is a multi-talented young canberran with a passion for both the arts and science. He has previous university training in graphic design, and is now at university studying science. Apart from science and the arts, Tim is also very passionate about refugee rights, general human rights, the environment, and reducing stigma against youth. 

We are so grateful to have Tim on board this year as our graphic designer. He is also the assistant director of this project. Tim brings to Mind the Gap, not just his afforementioned talents, but also his contagious energy, his kindness and his wonderful sense of humour. 

2016 Poster- Designed by Tim

Sophie Hope - Creative Director 

Hey I'm Sophie- I'm passionate about mental health, human rights, performing arts, science and kittens. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the ANU and am currently studying postgraduate law and science communication. I love volunteering and have spent a lot of time with headspace, Lifeline, the Youth Coalition and the RSPCA, among various others. I also want to let you know that contrary to popular belief I do have both a soul and red hair...

On a more personal note, I have experienced a number of traumatic events in life. These events have shaped me and increased my passion for helping others. I want this world to be a safer place for those with mental health issues, and those who have survived trauma. 


Fox Fromholtz 

The Ettiquette of Hugs  


The Faumuis 

Johanna Vels Photography  

Ryan Pemberton 

Riley Bell 

Ash Hamilton 

Joshua Bell 

Dyalan Hekimian 

Heidi and Brad in
'A Night Out' 

Sophie Hopkins 

Watch this space: More performers announced shortly 

Pictured below: national youth advocates, volunteers for headspace National